Friday, May 8, 2009


It's a sunny day in Pittsburgh and that always lifts the spirits. Thanks for checking out my new blog...I haven't had one going in like 4 years so this will be neat.

Life in Libraryland is exciting as we transition into our new arrangement. We are moving books and swapping almost our entire collection of fiction and non-fiction. It is making our patrons go dizzy, (not to mention us workers!) but it will truly be awesome when it's done.


  1. Wahoo - sun in Pittsburgh is always a good thing. So what new arrangement are you transitioning to? I'm all intrigued now!

  2. We are swapping our children's collection so that the birth-7 years materials are in the big room that used to house non-fic and reference materials. The new children's space will be buzzing and will be right next to our "grow a reader" room that focuses on emergent literacy. The weekend was spent boxing up books and wheeling them to a pod outside so we can move shelving, then paint and get new carpeting. Hopefully it'll be done for summer reading!