Wednesday, May 20, 2009

customizing the blog

is really quite easy and fun!  I was reading Joy's blog and she had changed her background color, so I thought I'd play around with the colors, etc.  I only had a few minutes, but it was so easy and I can see the potential to get very creative with it.  

So far, I find myself sorta liking the RSS and delicious accounts, though I tend to find my home computer has all the bookmarks I like and it's faster.  I also kind of like the visual look of the homepages I frequently visit rather than seeing a long list on google reader.  However, on the plus side, I love that you can see if there are new blog postings on things.  And on the nytimes, for instance, google reader had tons more articles posted than I would normally scan through, so I caught some news that I might not have spotted otherwise.


  1. All right! Esp. the part about the NYT, which can be completely overwhelming without a tool to manage it.

    Also, love the new colors! The light blue is very soothing.

  2. I'm enjoying following some of the 23things blogs from a central location (my Google Reader account) rather than having to remember all the different addresses, too. I switch computers too often to make Favorites feasible.

    I have to agree with LAV that the light blue is very soothing. (I hear it's a good color for bedrooms for that reason, actually.)

    Thanks for the gnome vote, btw.