Monday, May 18, 2009

second week of the blog

is underway and I have to say I have really enjoyed checking out many of your blogs.  They are as vast and varied as we are, and all have been neat to see.  I am really thankful that Kelly or Ryan (or someone else?) put all the blogs on a list that is accessible from our Week 3 assignment post. It was a bit cumbersome to scroll through everyone's comments to check out new blog sites.  

I just finished going through the little video about RSS and have subscribed to google Reader.  I figured I'd start slow and just subscribed to a couple news sites that I check throughout the day.  I can see how this would grow and I'd love to hear of cool sites that others have found.  So far, I just signed up for and  The blogs that I follow were automatically added to my subscription, so that was cool.


  1. Love Paul Krugman! And watch out, this can get addictive! I'm constantly un-subscribing to blogs to keep my list in check. I could easily get into the 200s! Love to hear more about how the feeds are working for you and if you find they're saving you time or not?

  2. Yeah. I ended up subscribing to the RSS feeds for all 23thingsn@-related blogs owned by a Meg/Megan/Meghan. I was relieved they made such a nice little list for us too. (I also chose the NY Times Sunday Book Review. I figure my library is now closed on Sundays in the summer, so this will give me something constructive to do. Keep me out of trouble.)

  3. That list was all Kelley! She's organized 'an 'at.

    I should probably go through my feeds (Bloglines) and delete a few, but deciding what to drop is sheer torture - it all seems so important! And I feel the need to read blogs I disagree with, just to keep my critical thinking skills sharp. Not good for my blood pressure, though...

  4. I am posting a comment to my own blog, is that proper protocol? Anyways, thanks to Kelley for the "list" and her hard work.