Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Now, that was easy.  My first plunge into a collaborative wiki was fun and hassle-free.  In fact, it was so easy I wondered if I missed something?  Granted, I didn't figure out how to make my typeface blue or anything (how DO you do that?).  Wait!  I just figured it click on the toolbar button to the right of "italics" with the little color palette...Let me try this and a little of that!

Anyways, I digress.  We had to post to a pb workspace and list "6 things I love about my library." It was a nice exercise, and even more enjoyable to read everyone's lists so far.  We truly are a lucky bunch.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

customizing the blog

is really quite easy and fun!  I was reading Joy's blog and she had changed her background color, so I thought I'd play around with the colors, etc.  I only had a few minutes, but it was so easy and I can see the potential to get very creative with it.  

So far, I find myself sorta liking the RSS and delicious accounts, though I tend to find my home computer has all the bookmarks I like and it's faster.  I also kind of like the visual look of the homepages I frequently visit rather than seeing a long list on google reader.  However, on the plus side, I love that you can see if there are new blog postings on things.  And on the nytimes, for instance, google reader had tons more articles posted than I would normally scan through, so I caught some news that I might not have spotted otherwise.

Monday, May 18, 2009

second week of the blog

is underway and I have to say I have really enjoyed checking out many of your blogs.  They are as vast and varied as we are, and all have been neat to see.  I am really thankful that Kelly or Ryan (or someone else?) put all the blogs on a list that is accessible from our Week 3 assignment post. It was a bit cumbersome to scroll through everyone's comments to check out new blog sites.  

I just finished going through the little video about RSS and have subscribed to google Reader.  I figured I'd start slow and just subscribed to a couple news sites that I check throughout the day.  I can see how this would grow and I'd love to hear of cool sites that others have found.  So far, I just signed up for and  The blogs that I follow were automatically added to my subscription, so that was cool.

Monday, May 11, 2009

23 things 'n@

Okay, so this blog was created as part of a cool library educational experience called "23 things" where we learn about and explore 23 different technology-related things.  Voila!  Here is my blog. We are supposed to comment on our experiences thus far with the 23 things and continue to post as we evolve.  So far, it has been quite interesting.  The learning styles quiz was helpful, and reminded me somewhat of the Myers-Briggs personality test.  I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and discovering that many of us are verbal-linguistic and naturalistic learners, which is where I fell.   Have to agree with one person's post that all this technology strains our "free time."  This is one of the reasons I tend to be reluctant to embrace the new gizmos and gadgets.  It's not that they aren't cool, it's just that I can see myself being sucked down into yet another black hole only to emerge hours later with my "to do list" unchanged.  In short, it sometimes seems more process than product oriented.  I guess that places the burden on us to make sure it's time well spent!  :)  

Friday, May 8, 2009

clouding up

well, forget the sunshine. It has turned cloudy in typical Pittsburgh fashion. The Pens play tonight and even though I am not a hockey fan, I surely hope they win.


It's a sunny day in Pittsburgh and that always lifts the spirits. Thanks for checking out my new blog...I haven't had one going in like 4 years so this will be neat.

Life in Libraryland is exciting as we transition into our new arrangement. We are moving books and swapping almost our entire collection of fiction and non-fiction. It is making our patrons go dizzy, (not to mention us workers!) but it will truly be awesome when it's done.