Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 marches on

New year, new blog posting, loooooong overdue! How did I manage to go months without blogging here? I am big on beginnings, fresh starts, clean breaks and other such things that one reflects upon at the advent of a New Year. I am usually full of resolutions, most of which I fail to keep. Some are pedestrian fare (lose weight/exercise more) and others are simple: get outside for at least 15 minutes everyday. (in Pittsburgh with its very rainy weather this is sometimes easier said than done). But this year, I have decided to tackle something doable that will also hopefully make our family's life easier. The kids already tease me about it, but at least they're cognizant of it and, in their way, helping me keep to the commitment. I no longer want to go rushing around from place to place, feeling like we're going to be late. (And annoyingly, half the time that I rush around thinking we're going to be late, we arrive early and I feel I've wasted my energy!). So for the punctuality freak in me, I just want to stop that mad rush so we are easily on time to all the random appointments/rehearsals/lessons/services. Hmm..what do you think? It's working so far. Yeah, only 11 days in, but still that's better than I've done with some past resolutions.

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